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Choose from our preferred eco-friendly surface partners, who provide premium surfaces that are beautiful and durable!

Eco Edge Options

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Can Vetrazzo be used outdoors?

Vetrazzo is a real nature lover, and won’t change color from UV exposure like other surfaces that use petrochemical based binding agents. While it’s not warranted for outdoor usage due to the potential of etching from rain with high acid content, current outdoor installations have withstood many freeze/thaw fluctuations in seasonal cycles. Be sure to cover your Vetrazzo when not in use to protect it.

Is IceStone heat resistant?

IceStone surfaces can withstand incidental heat contact up to 450° F. However, please note that the sealer and wax applied to the surface might not be heat resistant, so hot plates or trivets should be used under pots and pans recently removed from a heat source.